Obtain Electrical Service

Procedures to Follow

Obtain electrical permit - Building Inspector's Office, 21 S Bruffey Street.

To set up new service - Consult Utility Collections Office, Ground Floor, 114 North Broad Street.

The electrician or others performing electrical work shall obtain meter location from the Salem Engineering staff at 21 South Bruffey Street, for all temporary or permanent meters and change of service.

To obtain a meter socket or meter cabinet, the party shall present an electrical permit at the Community Development Office, 21 South Bruffey Street.

Customers desiring underground electric service shall obtain routing information (pole to building; pad mounted transformer to building; service pedestal to building) in addition to meter location from Service and AMI Coordinator. Alternatives, underground or overhead may be suggested.

Before residential underground electric service is installed, the customer shall have a meter socket mounted on the building and conduit installed in an open ditch (36 inches minimum depth) from within the meter socket (install bushing and slip meter riser) to the approved source of power (pole, pad-mounted transformer, or service pedestal). Conduit must have a pull string installed, and must be inspected by the Electric Department prior to the customer backfilling ditch. For 100 to 200 amp services, use a 2-inch PVC conduit. Use a 3-inch for 300 amp, and a 4-inch for 400 amp. No more than the equivalent of 3 90's will be permitted. If the conduit is in a damaged or obstructed condition at the time of service wire installation, the customer is responsible for all necessary repairs and/or replacement. For more details, see a drawing of a typical residential underground service installation.

For commercial underground service installations, contact the Electric Department for specifications.

Under no circumstances will electricity, either temporary or permanent, be turned on until inspected by the Electrical Inspector.

Commercial Customers - In addition to the above procedures, provide connected load data and anticipated demand to the Electric Department, 730 West Main Street.

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