Love Sign


The City of Salem unveiled its LOVE art at Library Square in 2018 as part of the Virginia tourism initiative. The massive 2500-pound sign, which is 7 feet tall and nearly 17 feet long, is unique from other LOVE signs around the Commonwealth in that it is completely mobile.

The sign's letters are made of steel and the five-foot wide base is aluminum. The peace sign was incorporated into the letter "O" of the sign because the word Salem is derived from the Hebrew word Shalom, which means Peace, Wholeness, Harmony, and Tranquility.

Salem City Employees at the Street Department played a major role in the construction of the sign as they helped with the design, fabrication, welding, grinding, and lettering. The talents of workers at B&M Sheet Metal in Roanoke, Sunday Solutions in Vinton, and R.C. Restorations in Salem also played major roles in developing the final product. In particular, R.C. Restoration donated the labor to paint the structure. This company did the same thing when it clear-coated the 9/11 Memorial that is located at Fire Station One.